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The Market is on Sale

October 16, 2018 · Print This Article

The market went on sale this week!

When you hear that your favorite store is having a big sale, the reaction should be excitement and enthusiasm and then you check your bank account and you see what you can afford to buy. Right?

Not so if it is the stock market on sale. Many people do the opposite. They freak out, get scared and contemplate throwing out all their favorite items, instead of buying more.

This is the market. This is how it goes. Up and down and up and down and sometimes with such volatility that it can make your head spin.

So what do you do?

You treat it as any other store that decides to have a sale. You evaluate what has great value and you buy more.

What should you not do?
Sit and wait for the sale to end then consider buying.

So with this in mind, please call me asap so I can offer suggestions of what companies are on sale and how we can buy good value.

1-866-860-4190 or direct at 613-491-3344

John Bruce
Investment Advisor

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